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Springfield Lacrosse Team Rules


You represent you, your family, the school, your team, the coaching staff and me!


Think about what you do in school, off school property, other sporting events etc.



  • In order to play in the spring, EVERY player must register on our website www.SHSBoysLax.com
  • Communication is the most important thing for me.  If you are unable to attend a workout/practice, you must contact me PRIOR to missing.  Starting first week of January, it better be a very good reason.
  • You must bring with you a printout of your grades every Monday beginning in January.  If you do not have them Monday, there will be consequence. 
  • You must have respect for ALL teachers.  Do not talk back or cause trouble in the class room, hallways, cafeteria, or anywhere on school property
  • Be smart on Social Media.  Remember, what you put out there, never goes away.
  • Absent from school you can not practice or play
  • If you miss the practice before a game, you cannot play in the game.
  • If you miss practice without contacting me, you will not play in the next game on schedule.
  • It’s mandatory to bring 2 sticks to every practice and games.
  • You must have the pinnie given to you at all times. 
  • Wear shorts under sweat pants
  • You must have a white, grey, gold, or blue shirt under your pinnie
  • Be prepared to practice every day over Spring Break. 
  • Physicals.  If you do not have one you cannot play.  If you played another sport this year you just need to get your recertification signed.
  • All cars must be parked on the Springfield Road side of Halderman.
  • Practice begins at 3 30.  You must be there at 3 15.
  • I am available via email throughout the day.  That is the best way to reach me
  • I would be happy to sit down with you regarding college/future.  Please contact me to schedule.  I will not be able to sit down from March 1st – June 15th.
  • I am happy to meet with any player/parent regarding playing time etc… As soon as another player is brought up, the conversation is over.  I will only discuss you or your child, no other player.
  • Springfield comes before club teams.  I have done my best to plan our summer/fall tourneys around club schedule.  You know our schedule now, there should be no issues.
  • As a student/athlete, you are held to a higher standard.  Be good community members and citizens.


For more information on Springfield lacrosse please visit us at:

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