$1000.00 goes to SHS Boys lacrosse Boosters:
$1000.00 will be will be divided as seen below:
End of 1st quarter:   $200:
Halftime:                 $200:
End of 3rd quarter:  $200:
End of the game:     $400:

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                                    How a Super Bowl Pool Works: 

Super Bowl Squares By far the most common Super Bowl pool is known as a squares pool. An individual buys a square on a 10-by-10 grid that has two single-digit numbers associated with it, representing the last number in the game's score for each team. If the point total for each team of the Super Bowl at the end of each quarter ends with those numbers then whoever has that square wins. For example, if you purchased a square corresponding to the numbers 3 for the leading team and 7 for the team that is trailing and the score is 23-17, you have a winner. The last digits of each team's score are the ones that you are looking to match with your grid square. No knowledge of football is needed to win, which makes this a good pool to entice all types of people.